The UK has announced the building of a new 4m, 1km wall along the approach road to the port of Calais.

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It will cost £2million and if the French government’s plans to close the camp in the near future succeed will become a white elephant of the divisive and ineffectual immigration policy of the UK.


Road hauliers who are most effected by trafficker gangs that stop traffic on the approaches to the port have called the wall a “poor use” of public money and Calais residents view it as yet another blight on their town.


The UK government began building defensive border fences in Calais in 2014 but they have been completely ineffective, with increased more documented border crossing attempts, more deaths of migrants trying to access road and rail terminals and more net illegal migration into the UK from Calais.


Sign the petition against the pointless building of the “Great Wall of Calais” here