On Tuesday an argument between two young Syrian friends ended with one being stabbed in the heart.
A man stopped me after the ambulance left and said “take that picture”, pointing to the man’s bloody boots in the dirt: “This is what the Jungle does to people. Show this to your government. This is their doing”.
The refugees and migrants in the Jungle of Calais have escaped war, famine, religious persecution and much more, undertaking perilous journeys to reach countries that they believe will offer safe haven. But they find themselves in the Jungle.
This unofficial refugee camp is not haven: Here they are exposed to the elements, go hungry, live in inhumane conditions and are preyed on by traffickers and criminal gangs and the brutality of the CRS.
The French and British governments do little to help, with their neglect only partially nullified by an army of selfless and dedicated volunteers and grass roots charity.
But the nightmare of Jungle life and past horrors is to much for some and the psychological trauma creates tangible tension in the camp and sporadic violence. #refugeecrisis #calaisjungle #stopthewar