I was pleased to receive a review of a submission I made to Lens Cultures Emerging Talent and encouraged by the reviewers generous appraisal.

“Thank you for the opportunity to view and review your compelling photographs Daniel. You understand that Photography is a powerful medium that has the ability to communicate important ideas to a global audience. I like this project because you are using the camera to make this issue and these people visible to the world”.

“I enjoy the aesthetics of these images. You have a keen eye for framing, composition, and making images at night makes for an interesting color palette and lightings scenario.

“You are making photographs that have the potential to change the world. Congratulations. Keep up the good work! Be tenacious. Take risks, make yourself vulnerable, and ask your subjects to do the same. If you can accomplish this, people will line up to see your photographs. Best of luck for the future!”

I was also awarded a Portfolio Account by Lens Culture for the strength of my submission. “Your submission was among the top-rated entries in the Emerging Talent Awards 2016 . This is an impressive accomplishment and an indication of the strength of your work given the record number of submissions we received”.

Lens Culture is a great resource and online community for photographers. Watch out for their Photography competitions, online galleries of participating artists and guides on how to succeed in photography.

If you need a photographer please don’t hesitate to give me a shout on Linkedin, at my website www.dannyburrowsphotography.com or through my facebook page.